Empty Bowls 2019


OH BOY! What a day! What a fantastic Empty Bowls Event we had this year…such fantastic support from the community coming out to buy our bowls and supporting the Fort Saskatchewan Food Bank. It was a stellar summer day, the kind we haven’t seen too often this summer, and such a nice change from the previous wet, cold, windy Empty Bowls we’ve had!

We started out the day with just over 300 bowls and packed up with just a few bowls left. The usual mad rush between the horn blowing (by our very own Tina Bruneau) to open the market at 4:30, and 5:00 pm, where time seems to stand still and we’re inundated with awesome people picking out bowls, choosing their soup – a glorious flurry of activity! This city really comes out for this event, and we are so grateful for everyone who purchased bowls yesterday. Thank you, thank you Fort Saskatachewan, and everyone who rolled in from out of town – thank you for taking the time to stop at our booth.

We could not have done this without our sponsors – Souptacular Soup Company for their very generous soup package donation, North Central Co-op for their continuing financial support, and ME Global for their timely financial donation to our event. Simply put we would not have this event without the support provided by these companies. Thank you so very much.

We are all very proud and excited to say the final tally for the Food Bank was…drumroll please….$2900.00!!! Our potters outdid themselves this year, throwing, trimming, sanding, glazing, packing; the firing committee was on fire, and all the ladies who came out to man the booth were so much fun, the whole day was awesome. Check out the pics below!

Thanks so much for coming out to Empty Bowls 2019, and we hope to see you next year.

UPDATE AUGUST 19 Oh gosh! Time has flown by this wet dreary summer, and it’s been busy at the guild…we’re swimming in bowls, beautiful bowls, bowls of all shapes and colours. August 29th is not very far away now, so make sure you mark it on your calendar, put it in your phone, tablet – whatever you use to remind yourself of important things to do!

We’ll be at the Farmers Market on August 29th from 4:30 until we sell out, best selection is getting there right at 4:30…but we can’t start selling until the Horn is blown! Hope to see you there, and thank you for supporting the Fort Saskatchewan Food Bank.

These beauties are all packed up…
And so are these!
And these are waiting to come out of the kiln!

Our soup partner this year is the spectacular Souptacular – we’ve been giving away their soups for the past 2 events, and this year they are our major soup contributor. Each bowl is still only $10, and when you purchase 2 bowls you will get one mouth wateringly delicious bag of Souptacular soup.

We are soooo very pleased to bring another Empty Bowls Event to Fort Saskatchewan! We’ve changed things up a bit, but our goal is still the same – raise funds for the Fort Saskatchewan Food Bank. Our bowl goal this year is 300 bowls – that’s a 50% increase from last year!!!and we’re well on our way to meeting that goal.

We’re still at the Farmers Market, still at the same location at the market, but we decided to go a little earlier this year – enough with the rain, snow, sleet and freezing temperatures like previous years! (Although this year may prove to be just as chilly). We’ve moved the date up to August 29th, the last Farmer’s Market in August, and we’re crossing our fingers AND toes that the weather cooperates….

So come back for some pictures later this week – there’s a whole whack of pretty sweet bowls already finished up, and more in the kiln.

Hope to see you at the Market in August!!! Come out and support your local food bank and take home some beautiful locally handcrafted bowls.