Guide for the Orientation of New Potters


-Show where to hang coats.

Assign a locker and shelf on trolley.

-Identify main areas.



coat rack, bathroom, fridge and microwave.


Hand building area

-Guild tools and forms.

-Slab roller, the dial for thickness & the different cloths for different clays.

-Extruder to be used after instruction and when accompanied with an experienced potter.

-All tools must be cleaned properly, washing in a bucket.

All drywall to be used with paper and plastic. To be cleaned if it becomes soiled.

 -Show where paper and plastic is found.

-All areas, tables and surrounding floor must be cleaned before you leave.


Wheel throwing area

-Point out that there is a clay trap at each sink.

-Bats are to be washed after use, before they are put away.

-Wheels must be cleaned turned off and unplugged when you are finished and the floor around them washed.

-Trimming wheels are cleaned after and trimmings can go in the bucket. The floor is swept and the contents go in the garbage.


Glazing area

-Point out the clay traps.

Light and dark glazes and appropriate paddles.

-Refer to the list of safe glazes and combinations to use.

-Wax resist and adequate wax lines.


Kiln room

Point out kiln posts.

-Greenware shelves for dry pieces only.

-Glaze shelves.

-Bisque cart, bisque kiln and temperature.

-Glaze cart, glaze kiln and difference in temperature.

Potter’s signature list and the fact that all pots must have a signature on them.

-Leave a signed note on all pots that need special attention  i.e. Pieces that are a set and need to go on the same shelf.


Jo Jobs & White Boards

-Review the Jo Job sheets that you will hand out to each new person and explain how the white board works.


2 Major Studio Clean ups

-Fall clean up late in November before the Christmas sale.  Spring clean up late in April just before the spring sale.  Everyone is expected to participate.

2 Major Guild Sales

-Christmas and spring.

-Members are expected to participate and submit pots for sale. Students are encouraged to participate and may submit pots.

-Anyone submitting pots for sale must share in the staging of sale.

-All potters must donate one guild pot.



-Five major avenues of communication.

-White boards in kitchen.

-Large calendar in kitchen.

-Bulletin board in studio.

-Committee sign up board.

-Class representative who is elected at the 2nd class and will communicate with the Executive Committee, especially through your President.