FSPG Member DutiesĀ ForĀ Studio Openings.

Saturdays/Concerts etc.

Must open both doors, turn on the open sign and place a sandwich board or sign by the hall door.

Dip the water from settling pails from all three sinks.

Sign in students, collect the $5.00 fee, write a receipt, place money in envelope and then into locked box. Answer questions and provide any guidance required by students.

No students are allowed to work in the studio unless a member is present. If you should have to leave your shift early, you must make sure there is another member present and that they are willing to assist the students and man the guild.

Sell pottery if the need arises. This includes the proper handling of cash, writing a receipt in the gallery receipt book, logging the sale in the gallery binder and packaging the pottery for the customer.

Answer the phone and take a message if necessary.

Clean up your potting area and make sure the sinks are clean before you leave.

Make sure the Guild Locker is locked. Lights and sign are turned off. Wheels are turned off and both doors are locked before you leave.

These responsibilities must come first. Any potting may be done once these duties have been completed. You are receiving volunteer hours.

Thank you!