Fort Saskatchewan is among many communities that identifies and honours local talent with Art in Public Places, an initiative celebrating art and culture in cities across the country. Each year a deserving local artist is chosen to represent Fort Saskatchewan, to have their work displayed publicly for all to enjoy. This year we are very excited to introduce this year’s recipient and longstanding member of the Fort Saskatchewan Pottery Guild, Shirley Yakimets. Shirley’s rendition of Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Church located in Lamoureux has been selected this year, and it is the first time a potter has been chosen for this honour. The meticulously built piece is made out of porcelain and decorated with underglazes and tony stains. It is an absolutely remarkable model of the church, which was designated an official Alberta Historic Site in 1994. Shirley stated that this labour of love took “somewhere between 200 and 300 hours” from box to table, and it is truly a beautiful piece of pottery, well deserving of the honour bestowed on it by the City of Fort Saskatchewan.

Congratulations Shirley, on a well deserved award! You can view Shirley’s Lamoureux Church in the Gallery in the Dow Center outside the Shell Theatre.