Fundraising Request Guidelines

Guidelines for Fundraising Requests

Members of the Fort Saskatchewan Pottery Guild have occasionally approached the guild with a request to hold a pottery class as a fundraising event for a charitable organization they are involved with.  In such situations, the “class” is usually sold at a silent auction to raise funds for the charity.

The guild wishes to support its members and their charitable efforts, using the following guidelines.

  • Each request for a fundraising event should be submitted in a timely manner in writing to the executive.
  • Each request will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • The group will pay a “use of facilities fee” of $50.
  • Instructors will waive their instructional honorarium.
  • The class will be entered on the calendar. It cannot take place on a day or evening when there is a scheduled class. As well, it should not be scheduled in close proximity to guild sale dates.
  • The member will provide his/her own clay or use recycled clay.
  • Maximum size of the class would be 15 people.
  • The member and/or the instructors/assistants will be responsible for finishing the projects.
  • In general projects will be hand built. However, depending on the circumstances, the executive may approve and wheel throwing class.