Fort Saskatchewan Pottery Guild Rules and Procedures


1. A member
-A potter who has completed two consecutive terms of instruction and has successfully
 applied for membership to the Executive Committee.
-Members are entitled to a reduced fee for instruction and unlimited access to the studio 
(when there is not a class in progress).
-Members have key privileges.
-Should take a leadership role in the operation of the Gild and its studio
-Is encouraged to attend and vote at all General meetings of the Guild.
-Any member in good standing may hold office on the Executive Committee.
-Must participate in one or more committees.

2. A student
-New potter at a beginner entry level or an experienced potter who is new to the FSPG 
and needs to become familiar with the Guild and its operations.
-A former member who has been away for a period of time and who in the judgement of 
the Executive Committee needs to spend a specific period of time becoming reacquainted 
with the Guild and its operations.
-A student or former member who does not wish to assume the 
responsibilities of membership and is prepared to pay the student rate for that option.
-Students are welcome to attend General meetings to become more informed.
-See document titled "Responsibilities of Students of the Guild".
-Students are encouraged to participate in one or more committees.

3. Becoming a member
-Must have completed two consecutive 12 week terms of instruction.
-Must have provided a minimum of twenty hours of volunteer time to the Guild in the 
most recent of these sessions.
-Must submit a membership application form to the Executive Committee.
-Must continue to provide twenty hours of volunteer time to the Guild during each session 
(September-December and January-June)...July and August are swing months for either prior
 or current session.
-Must participate within the Guild by either holding a position on the Executive Committee
or on one of the active Guild committees. (Please see list)

4. Executive/General Meeting
-Meetings shall occur once a month, with a summer 
recess at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
-Members and students are strongly encouraged to attend.
-Any member of the Guild may hold office on the Executive Committee.
-Only current members of the Executive Committee have a voice and a vote at the Executive 
meetings. The exception would be an advance posting of notice of a specific concern 
being on the agenda.

5. Fees
-Are payable to the Guild Treasurer on or before the registration day.
-Fees undergo periodic revision by the Executive Committee, depending on operating 
costs and fundraising.
-Workshop members (see item #14) will pay the same fee as members receiving instruction 
and will have all the same privileges, with the exception of class time.

6. Safety
-Safe practise must be observed at all times when working at the studio.
-All materials and tools in the studio are potentially hazardous if misused.
-Dust masks are strongly recommended when sanding pots, mixing glazes or using the spray booth.
-Always seek instruction before proceeding to use unfamiliar materials or equipment.
-Do not use items for which you have not been trained.
-Report any damage or malfunction of equipment to the instructor or maintenance 
person as soon as possible.
-Smoking is not permitted.

7. Harassment
-It is an expectation that ALL members, students and instructors will treat each  
other with courtesy and respect.
-Failure to do so may result in expulsion from the Guild.
-All concerns of this nature 
MUST be submitted in writing to the President who will in turn present it to the 
Executive Committee for resolution.

8. Lockers
-One cubicle to be allotted to each registrant, subject to availability.
-Locks and locking are the individuals responsibility.
-Students are to empty the cubicle at the end of each session, 
unless returning for the next session. Any property that remains unclaimed after 6 weeks 
will become the property of the Guild.
-Members can maintain their cubicles as long as their membership is in good standing.

9. Library
-An index for all FSPG library material can be found in the main library cabinet.
The index includes a high level overview of the library
book content and a category column for quick reference when looking for a specific topic. 
Please note, this is not a detailed overview, so some of the books may include more 
information than indicated by the index.
There are two versions of the index, one that is sorted by reference number, and a 
second that is sorted by category.

Sign Out Procedure:
-Members only can sign out books using the RED 'out' cards. DVDs, VHS tapes and periodicals 
must be used in the Guild.
Signing Out:
-Members complete the 'out' card with your name, index number, title and date.
File the 'out' card in place of the item you are taking.
-Members must return books within 2 weeks.
Return book to its appropriate spot (in the correct numerical file order).
Complete the 'out' card with the return date. Return the 'out'card to the'out'card folder.

10. Joe Jobs
-Are general housekeeping and procedural duties 
necessary for safe operation of the Guild.
-All members and students are expected to take turns 
performing the assigned tasks as well as cleaning up 
after themselves.
-Assigned duties and rotations are posted on white 
boards in the studio kitchen.

11. Identification of pots
-Each potter is responsible for identifying her/his own pots.
-Initials or symbol are to be posted on "Joe" list 
beside potter's name. 
This is also to be inscribed on each pot before the bisque firing.
-Any unidentified pottery will, after 6 weeks, become the property of the Guild, 
and will be sold and proceeds added to Guild funds.

12. Guild Cleanliness
-Guild cleanliness is the responsibility of every potter, as a dusty environment 
can be a health hazard.
-All equipment, work surfaces(tables, tools, wheels) must be wiped clean after use.
-Floors surrounding the potter's work area must also be vacuumed or damp mopped to 
maintain cleanliness and aid in dust control.
-All sinks should be wiped down and basins drained at the end of each potting/
instruction session. The last person to leave should perform a final check.

13. Key Privileges
-Any member in good standing can apply.
-Key application form must be submitted to the Membership Secretary and 
approved by the Executive Committee.
-On approval, a key deposit is required.
-Key holders may use the studio anytime there is not a scheduled class, 
and in accordance with DCC access times.
-Key holders are required to act responsibly in the studio 
and in 
accordance with Guild rules, or their key privilege will be revoked.
-The last person leaving the studio must always check that all wheels are off, 
lights are off and exit doors are locked.

14. Workshop Privileges
-Members who have completed at least two sessions as a member may apply
for workshop status.
-A written application must be submitted to and approved by 
the Executive Committee.
-Once approved, workshop members will have use of the studio any time 
there is note a scheduled class and will enjoy all the privileges and share the same 
responsibilities of all members. Responsibilities will include Joe Jobs,committee 
membership and fundraising activities.

15. Clay
-Must all be purchased from the Guild.
-Clay costs include surcharges to cover the cost of glazing materials, 
equipment and utilities used in the glazing and firing process.
-Purchase of clay from an outside source, to be processed at the studio MUST be approved
by the Executive.
-A predetermined surcharge will be applied for processing/firing clay not purchased from the Guild.
-Use of non-approved clay poses a safety risk and will not be tolerated.

16. Termination/Leave of absence
-A leave of absence may be granted to a member in good standing and will be effective 
for a maximum of two sessions.
-A written request for leave of absence must be submitted 
to the Executive prior to registration.
-The member must return her/his key to the City of Fort Saskatchewan, once leave is approved. 
The key can be returned on re-registration.
-All personal property (clay, tools, clothing, etc) MUST 
be removed from the studio, as space is limited.

17. Class viability
-If class size does not pay for instructor fees, that class will be cancelled, 
unless the Executive chooses otherwise.