Progressive Discipline Guidelines

Fort Saskatchewan Pottery Guild Progressive Disciplinary Action


The Fort Saskatchewan Pottery Guild (FSPG or Guild) has adopted the following guidelines for dealing with concerns of improper conduct. These guidelines have been put place to help ensure respect and fairness in dealing with each other, the health and safety of members, and the overall protection of FSPG property.


In general, the following steps will be sequential; however, depending on the situation any step may be repeated, omitted or taken out of sequence. As well, efforts will be made to keep confidential the identity of the member who forwarded the information.

Minor instance of improper conduct (violates guild policy; exhibits disrespectful, inappropriate behaviour)

Step 1 – The goal is always to deal with issues and concerns on an informal, one-on-one basis. Guild members who are aware of conduct by others that violates or appears to violate guild by-laws, policies and procedures, or the code of conduct should first approach the individual and discuss the issue before formal complaints are made.

Step 2 – If the member has been spoken to and the improper conduct continues, report it to the president in writing. The written complaint should outline the issue and the prior attempts to resolve with informal conversations.

The president and another member of the executive will then call or meet with the member in question and provide the member an opportunity to provide his/her side. If required, a verbal warning will then be issued.

Step 3 –   If the member continues to conduct himself/herself inappropriately, three members from the executive will meet with the member in question and then issue a written warning.

Step 4 – If the member continues to demonstrate the inappropriate behavior, the executive will meet to determine if the member should be suspended or if membership should be rescinded.  If membership is suspended, the member will be allowed to continue as student and, after two sessions as a student, may apply to become a guild member as outlined in the policies.

Severe instances of Misconduct

Depending on the severity of the misconduct the executive may rescind membership after providing the member the opportunity for a meeting. The member in question will have the right to peer representation, present at any meeting with the executive, and will be given 24-hour notice prior to any meeting taking place.

In circumstances that require immediate intervention such as violent behaviour, theft or other security-related matters, the police may be notified.

Drafted April 2018